2015: Looking Ahead


Did you join the millions and make any New Year Resolutions?? I may be a few days late, but I think I’ve finally come up with a few things. New year, new me…just kidding…I hate that phrase. Rather than extreme dieting or some other nonsense, I’ve come up with a very doable list of 10 things to accomplish in 2015.

  1. Run a half marathon
  2. Track my finances & budget frugally
  3. Get back into the grad school grind
  4. Complete at least one Whole30 (it’s been almost 2 years since my last one…let me tell you, it’s life changing)
  5. Read 3 non-school books
  6. Travel to 3 cities: Chicago, NYC, and…??
  7. Move to VA Beach, get an apartment and establish my own HOME
  8. Learn how to change a tire
  9. Daily surrender of my life to the Lord, relinquishing the control that I fight for and imagine having far too often. May I never forget that with surrender comes peace beyond understanding.
  10. Last but not least, my biggest goal is the development of Fruits of the Spirit…primarily, kindness and gentleness. I pray that others will see these fruits, and in doing so see HIM in all things.

Moment of truth: I’ve wanted to do most of these things for a while now, but a girl can be ambitious, yeah? And besides, now that they’re written down I have to do it all.


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