Atlanta’s Best

I lived in the ATL for exactly a year, and while I hated it most of the time, there are actually quite a few things that I grew to love about the city. Below is my list of must-dos for anyone moving to or visiting Atlanta.

Drinking & Desserts: If you know me well, you know I love a nice drink and the occasional sweet
1. Six Feet Under: this place is the coolest….the bar is on top of the building, so that you have an incredible view of the skyline
2. Kale Me Crazy: refreshing fruit and vegetable juice for days
3. Honey Bubble Tea: if you’ve never had bubble tea, you’re missing out. It’s iced & flavored (dozens of varieties) tea over tapioca pearls
4. Ormsby’s Taverns: no need to bar hop with this one! this place has a huge alcohol selection and in the basement there are a ton of group games (like darts)
5. Piece of Cake: ahhmazing cupcakes…plus, they have an allergen-free selection!

Eating: Really, who doesn’t love a good meal? Atlanta has an abundance of incredible restaurants, but these are the best of the best
1. Mary Mac’s Tea Room: soul food in it’s finest form {it’s also the location of my car accident!}
2. Yard House: hundreds of beers on tap, awesome atmosphere, and delicious (large) food
3. Zen on Ten: awesome Happy Hour specials on sushi and drinks
4. Yeah! Burger: gluten-free buns, local produce and tons of topping varieties–what else could you need?
5. MetroFresh: super healthy, fresh, and creative salads

Playing: I didn’t always feel like there was a lot do, except eat. BUT that’s not actually the case
1. Piedmont Park: tons of trails, greenery, a dog park, flowing water, a farmer’s market–this park has everything! I spent most of my free time where when the weather permitted
2. Atlantic Station: pretty decent shopping district with lots of food options, it’s really cute in the winter with the lights everywhere!
3. World of Coca-Cola: okay, so this is super tourist-y, but it’s pretty fun if you’ve never been to the ATL!
4. X3 Sports: kickboxing, Fast Track and awesome trainers…best membership I’ve ever had. If I wasn’t at the park, I was here!
5. Passion City Church: clearly, I saved the best for last. This church is absolutely phenomenal. Full of people who love Jesus, serve others, and seek truth. I was a doorholder and involved in the community groups there…pretty sure I would not have made it through the year without this amazing house.

If you’ve never been to the ATL, you should go to sometime before you die.


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